Greatest Chefs

Catalogue Categories: Finished Series and Format.


Genre: Reality, Cooking, Competition
Available As: Format, Finished
Country of Origin: China
Duration: One Hour (60 x One Hour)


In a test to find the most skilled chef in the world, Michelin-starred chefs come to China to challenge top Chinese chefs on their own turf. In each episode, one visiting chef and his staff take on a Chinese chef, and each select ingredients from a surprise basket of 70 ingredients which can only be used by one chef. With the clock ticking, and using only the ingredients they chose, their task is to create a Chinese style menu of six dishes, judged by a jury of journalists, chefs, and food lovers. In the second phase, the Chinese chefs must visit the home of the foreign chefs, and use Western ingredients to cook Western style dishes in kitchens they are unfamiliar with.

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