Tyler Massey, President of MassMedia International, announced today that MMI has agreed to work with the first and only Ukrainian formats’ distributor UA Formats (FILM.UA Group) to launch formats for four of the most popular original Ukrainian television series internationally. MMI will focus on selling the formats to North America, Asia, and Scandinavia.

The formats include redemptive social reality format Jailbirds, marriage-saving social reality format Save Our Family, educational family talk show School of Parenting, and investigative travel and lifestyle format The Auditor.

MMI will also launch Heads & Tails, the most popular travel series in Ukraine and Russia, from Ukrainian producer Teenspirit.

Tyler Massey, President of MassMedia International: “Ukraine is one of the most competitive television markets in the world, and a true hotbed for quality original formats. It is an honor to work with Film.UA Group, and the country’s top producers, to help shine a light on the creative spirit of the country and bring their ideas to the rest of the world.”
Iryna Kostyuk, Founder of UA Formats and Producer of Film.UA Group: “We are truly happy to show to the world that Ukraine’s got formats, it actually always has, it just did not think of putting them out there, enjoying them only locally for years. And now it’s time to establish a formats market in Ukraine, especially when there is such a basis of more than a dozen original formats, some of which have been on air for years, winning the slot and generating great ratings. And we are proud that such a renowned formats professional on the international market as Tyler Massey recognized the potential of these original shows and will be representing some of the best items internationally in the toughest markets.“


Ten recently released ex-convicts receive a chance at a new beginning. Living together over several weeks, they are guided through a program to assist them in adapting to life as a law-
abiding citizen. Lead by a host who successfully overcame his criminal past, and guided by psychologists, tutors, life and fitness coaches, they are given the skills necessary to adjust. Those who show the most dedication will complete the course and win prizes such as full dental service, a car, and a vacation. Those who falter will be eliminated, but still receive jobs and legal assistance in hopes of continuing their transformation. The result is a powerful and emotional journey.


A husband and wife on the verge of divorce but who desperately want to save their marriage participate in each stand-alone episode. As a first step, they meet with a psychologist to express what, in their opinion, is the primary cause of the rupture between them. The psychologist makes a diagnosis and determines the treatment. The married couple will go through four stages of rehabilitation: ‘role swap,’ ‘building bridges,’ ‘healing past scars,’ and ‘overcoming.’ The program follows their real lives as they put each into practice, and witnesses the highs and lows on their journey to a resolution and hopeful reconciliation.


Every episode addresses a certain child health issue – diet, allergies, sleeping with your child, etc. The episodes are divided into two segments. Segment one, the host – a well-known pediatrician – meets with celebrities to discuss their parental concerns. Segment two – studio based – the doctor shows the video from the appointment to the audience where the topic is discussed in further detail. The host answers the audience’s questions and gives medical recommendations concerning the issue at hand.

About The Auditor

What goes on in the kitchen of your favorite restaurant? What secrets are hidden under the mattresses of expensive hotels? Do you get what you pay for? Each stand-alone episode sees the Inspector and crew go to a different city and conduct inspections of hotels and restaurants with the owners and staff unaware of their arrival. The host evaluates each on exterior, interior, pricing, cleanliness, service, and features, then reveals her surprising verdict to the staff. Each episode is followed by a post-show, where the Inspector’s fairness is evaluated by experts, and the owners are given a chance to discuss the results with the Inspector and experts for a fair and balanced result.

About Heads & Tails

A famous couple with a passion for traveling goes to one of the most exciting cities in the world every weekend. One of them has to live through Saturday and Sunday on $100, while the other one spend unlimited sums of money using the gold card. Who will live like a millionaire? Who will learn to survive with practically nothing? And who will have the better time? The couple flips a coin before the journey, with the coin deciding their fate. Every time it is either Heads or Tails. Explore the cities of the world with the fun-loving couple in this light-hearted, and entertaining travel series. With more than 100 episodes produced, it is the most successful travel show in all of Ukraine and Russia.

About UA Formats

UA Formats is a unique and unprecedented project: it’s a complete catalogue of almost all Ukrainian formats ever made on local TV with one common feature – a great success story of broadcast.

About MassMedia International

MassMedia International delivers exciting, thought-provoking, and original entertainment to all corners of the globe. The fast-growing media company represents, distributes and creates scripted and non-scripted television formats and finished programs that will entertain audiences across borders and cultures.
Based in Los Angeles, and launched in 2014, MMI believes that great stories are told in every part of the world, and in every medium imaginable. By connecting with producers, channels, platforms, and technology leaders all over the world, including leading television and media markets as well as those developing, MMI impacts the ever-changing entertainment landscape as it brings these stories to life and helps share them with the world.

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